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Water Softener

Our high efficient fully automated water conditioning systems are built to provide you with clean, soft water with minimal maintenance. Our systems use high-efficiency metering in order to determine your family’s daily conditioned water usage. By using these calculations based on daily conditioned water usage, our systems not only conserve water but save up to 50% on salt! All of the components within our quality Water Softener Systems meet FDA, UL and NSF compliance.

The Softener System Includes: Metered Turbine reserve calculation for optimum efficiency, Durable and non-corrosive valve construction, Two-hour battery backup, Built-in automatic bypass, Brine Tank Refills with conditioned water only.

Aeration Systems

Aeration System is the best proven system for the removal/reduction of gases from Well water.

The system can reduce and remove:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Methane

  • Radon

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • General Odors

Well Pump Replacement

Did your Pump STOP Pumping?! We have the solution! With incredible response times we have the ability to Repair or Replace your Well pump with quality and speed for your family. Sizes include: 1/2 Hp, 1Hp, 1 1/2 Hp 4" Submersible Well pump replacement, 1/2 Hp & 1 Hp 2" Shallow well pump replacement, 5- year warranty

Carbon Filter

For Well and City water applications, Hi-efficient Carbon filter eliminates chlorine from water and reduces unwanted containments including Sulfur gasses. The Carbon Filter System Includes: Metered reserve calculation for optimum efficiency, Durable non-corrosive valve construction, Two-hour battery backup and built-in automatic bypass.

SP3 Descaler

The technologically advanced SP3 media is an innovative solution that prevents the negative effects of calcium and magnesium. The system is maintenance free, chemical free, salt free and does not require costly regeneration and backwashing. Now a solution that does not require a water softener or extensive modification to your home's plumbing. The technologically advanced Water Guard SP3 Media is an innovative solution that prevents the negative effects of calcium and magnesium. The system is maintenance free, chemical free, salt free, and does not require costly regeneration and back washing. The Water Guard SP3 system first removes dissolved organics, such as chlorine and chloramine. Then calcium and magnesium ions are transformed into harmless "nano" particles. Because the hardness minerals have been transformed into nano particles, they now make their way through the plumbing system without attaching to the pipes, heating elements or valves.

Full Home Reverse Osmosis

Full Home reverse osmosis systems are designed to maximize water purification efficiency and produce high-quality clean water.

The system removes impurities like bacteria and dissolved solids from tap or brackish water in order to supply crisp and clean water for use in residential and commercial applications.

Complete RO systems with efficient, high-quality pumps, motors, and membranes for energy savings and low maintenance. Up to 99.4% purification rate that provides clean water and improved wash/rinse characteristics. This reduces the service cost of equipment and appliances by removing harmful chemicals and minerals

Up to 40% water recovery rates to minimize water waste. Get a “bottled-like” quality water from every faucet.

Water Filtration - Iron & Sulfur Filtration

Does you water smell like rotten eggs? It's due to sulfur in your water. If that’s so, we have the solution. Our chemical-free Sulfur Filtration System reduces and removes Sulfur from your well water supply. All of the components within our Sulfur Filtration System meet FDA, UL, and NSF compliance.

  • Automatic, programmable Custom Control Valve with two cycles

  • Meter hall-effect turbine

  • Override option from metered to time-clock / days to regenerate

  • Two-hour battery backup

  • Durable and non-corrosive valve construction

When water enters the Sulfur Filtration System, it passes through the air chamber which begins the oxidation of the sulfur to a precipitated solid. The multi-media bed then traps any solids and holds it until the next automatic regeneration. When the filter backwashes, any solid material is then sent to the drain and you have clean, crisp water that no longer smells like rotten eggs!

Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis

  • Built and tested in the USA

  • NSF Certified White Gallon Tank

  • NSF Certified TFC Membrane

  • NSF Certified Quick Connect Fittings

  • NSF Certified Color Coded Tubing

  • Long Reach Chrome Faucet

  • Filter Housing Wrench Included

  • Free installation with purchase of NEW equipment. Maintenance plans available.

  • No need for two different professionals, We will drill your hole in your counter for faucet installation.

Water Heaters

Replace all size electric water heaters (no gas water heaters). Pricing is based off of size and location. Call us for a quote today!


Professional water treatment services. With North Cape Water you can expect honest and fast help from for all your water treatment needs. We offer the following services:

  • Scheduled maintenance: monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly

  • Preventive measures: water treatment equipment cleaned & sanitized as needed. Filling salt included.

  • Instruction: we are always readily available to provide you with valuable information

  • Worry-free value high-quality service with no binding contracts. Plus, salt delivery offered.

  • New softener, filter, and reverse osmosis system installation & service

  • Softener and filter repair & service

  • Well and aerator pump replacement

  • FREE water analysis, well equipment inspections, and telephone troubleshooting hour Emergency service offered